About Me

Hi! I'm Jessika, and it's a pleasure to welcome you to my website. Originally born in Kazakhstan, my family and I relocated to London when I was quite young. Drawing inspiration from the artistic influences of the Russian side of my family and the cultural richness from the Indian side, I had the unique opportunity to witness and appreciate the best of both worlds during my upbringing.

In addition to my artistic endeavours, I'm currently a university student. Although I am tackling the challenges of being a student, art is truly a passion of mine and therefore I aim to prioritise your orders whilst handling them with care. I am currently studying computer animation, something you can follow along on my insta.

I'm excited to share that I am open for commissions, ready to translate your unique vision into a tangible piece of art. Any form of support, be it through commissions or simply sharing my work, is genuinely appreciated. As I continue to evolve both as an artist and a student, your engagement and encouragement contribute immensely to this journey of growth and expression.

For inquiries, reflections, or to discuss a custom piece, feel free to connect.

Insta Handle- @jesscreativecanvas

Tiktok- @jesscreativecanvas